Ski Race Boot Fitting

Fitting boots for ski racers is where our business began

Fitting boots for ski racers is where our business began. Our process follows the same steps as all our boot fits with a number of  additional considerations for racers. 

We have invested in a vast selection of tools specifically for this including high power flexible drive grinders for working on the inside of shells. These tools enables us to create pockets within the thickness of the plastic of the shell, something critical in customizing the fit of race boots to the individual skier.

We also have one of the only bench mounted routers set up for finishing the fitting of boot lifters in the UK. This, along with our new boot mill, allows us to plane the sole of race boots to angles accurate to 0.25 degree. Using this mill we can set boots up for stance and different race disciplines or to accommodate the leg shape of the racer, be they knock kneed or bow legged, we can make the relevant changes to the boot.  

With FIS regulations tightening still further with regards to boot height we have had a specialist measuring device manufactured to our specifications which can measure the internal height of a ski boot to an accuracy of 0.01mm. This way we can make sure any work done on your boots, be it footbeds, lifters, wedges etc. does not get you disqualified the first time you step onto the podium. Many world cup racers have fallen foul of these regulations over the years and we want to ensure that our clients, whatever level they are competing at, do not suffer the same way. click here for the latest FIS regulations in Alpine ski racing. 

Our contacts in the world of ski racing keep us up to date with new boot developments and any new techniques that can be used to aid us in comfort and performance improvement.

The very best levels of race boot fitting 

Softer flexing race boots are now more widely available so that young racers can now ski in the performance boots they deserve without the super stiff world cup flexes. We have a range of race boots in junior and senior flexes from Atomic, Dalbello, Head, Lange, Rossignol and Salomon.  We offer a range or orthotic insoles for race boots and custom liners for the ultimate precision. 

Work on race boots can take a lot time, so please do not wait until the day before you go on a training camp to call us for an appointment. Our quietest times for work on ski boots are over the summer, so why not get sorted before the rush.