Walking Boot & General Footwear Fitting

Walking Boot & General Footwear Fitting

When you are walking long distances, be it on tracks and trails, up in the mountains or even on the streets of the city it is critical to be comfortable in your footwear. At Solutions 4 Feet we offer a comprehensive fitting service for walking,trekking and day to day footwear.

Utilising orthotic foot supports to help to control any excess motion of the foot we can then go about modifying footwear to reduce or remove pressure points, hot spots or areas of friction which could lead to blisters or other problems.

Our workshop is fully equipped to deal with all types of modifications and for the most part we can carry these out at the same time as your assessment, saving you time and the effort of returning to collect modified footwear.

For people with serious problems with fit we suggest leather footwear rather than a fabric version, as leather can be adjusted and modified a lot more easily than the man made materials, and the modifications are more permanent when they have been done.

We can make boot recommendations and suggest where you can obtain these, via our partner retailers.