Custom Orthotic Insoles

Ski Boot Orthotic Insoles

The foundation of fit in your ski boots

Well made orthotic insoles are the foundation of the fit of any ski boot. We work with three different product ranges all made in different ways so that we can select the most appropriate product for the foot and the ski boot it is being used for. Differing volumes and stiffness of products mean that we can truly tailor the fit of your boot and the level of support that your foot requires. We mould our insoles in three differing ways depending again on the foot, we use non weight bearing, semi weight bearing, and fully weight bearing casting methods allowing us to have as many options as are available. Unique solutions for unique feet.

Assessment & in house lab

Assessment of the foot & ankle and the boots which are being used help us to determine the most appropriate product, our in house orthotics lab then allows us to produce most products while you wait.