Our charges

Pedorthic Assessment [£30-£60.00]

This appointment is ideal for people with general foot pain who need advice on footwear issues, injuries and orthotic intervention, during the appointment we will take a brief history of problems and formulate a plan of how to reduce pain using orthotic inserts and suitable footwear.

Biomechanical Profiling [£60.00]

This is the full works, aimed at running and other gaited sports, the appointment takes approx 45mins during which we will take a full history then film a video of you on the treadmill and run through the MotionQuest Professional® biomechanical profiling software. The results of this analysis will be prepared in print format in a bound report of some 10 pages detailing the assessment itself, a shoe & orthotic recommendation, a workout program to strengthen and stretch weak and tight areas of the body and finally a list of suitable running shoes from the database which contains all the current models of running shoe available.

Footwear Modification [£30.00 per 1/2 hour]

For your walking boots, running shoes or day to day footwear, why should you not have the best fit, we offer a full range of fitting and modification services.

Ski Boot Health Check [£30.00]

A 30 minute appointment to look at your existing ski boots or to assess fitting issues leading to a future purchase, in this appointment we will take a brief history and look at fitting issues in order to formulate a plan to create the best fit possible. Only available Monday- Friday. 

Boot Set up/ fitting (boots we didn't sell) [from £80.00 + parts]

If you have bought boots elsewhere and need them set up or fitted, this service includes heat molding of liners/shells and set up of cuff cant, forward lean and flex (where appropriate, required and dependent on what adjustments there are on the boot) This service is only available Monday- Friday and may be withdrawn in busy periods. With this service, like all others you are paying for the time of an experienced technician. No fitting guarantee is available on boots we have not supplied, follow up fittings are chargeable.

Buying Ski Boots [£50.00-£75.00]

At Solutions 4 Feet we have a consultation charge when you buy a pair of boots from us, this ensures that we can spend uninterrupted time with you, assess your needs and accurately fit a boot to your feet, this charge includes your assessment, measurement, setting up and fitting of your boot and any follow up adjustments that you might need after you have skied in the boots. (it does not include footbeds, after-market liners or full canting assessment) We have made a decision not to roll this cost into a package to include footbeds as everyone we see is different, it may be that you only need an off the shell footbed at a lower cost, or it may be that you already have a perfectly good footbed either from us in the past, or from somewhere else, we would therefore only want you to pay for what you need rather than a fixed higher charge. The differences in charges are based on the fitter that you see, just like the hair dressers if you have no medical issues then you probably don't need to see the most experienced fitter (although for the most part they are in the room and available if there is a complex issue present itself) 

Skier Balance & Alignment assessment [From £120 inc shims]

We use the Shim Balance System [SBS] to work on skier balance our partners in this area are Alpine McCannix, this system used along with a custom footbed is used to put the skier exactly where they want to be in the boot, the system assesses the best functioning position for the foot, and the actual functioning position of the boot, the two are combined to create your personal balance prescription. The assessment and fitting of the shims takes about 45 minutes, this service is only available at certain times due to the availability of the balance machine.

Boot Sole Planing / Intra-boot cants [from £180.00]

At solutions 4 feet we have one of only 2 boot sole planers in the UK, this machine has been custom built to our specifications in Austria, the above price includes full assessment of alignment needs, planing of boot soles to an accuracy of 0.25 degrees, applying a protective lifter and routing the boot back to DIN norms.  This process can only be done to solid soled boots or boots with a specifically designed over sized sole unit, contact us to determine if your boots are suitable for this process.  For skiers with boots with replaceable sole plates we can add proprietary shims or third party  Cantology shims between the sole plate and the shell of the boot on many models to give the same results as planing, please contact us to find out if your boot is one which can have these parts fitted. 

Ski Boot Fitting & Modifications [£45 per 1/2 hour]

Modifying ski boots is an art as well as a science; if we are carrying out a basic stretch on a ski boot then we have a fixed charge, for all other work we charge at the above rate.