Footwear Modification

Footwear Modifications

At Solutions 4 Feet our workshop has been custom built to our exacting requirements and can only be described as state of the art. Specialist tools and machinery enable us to produce orthotics & modify all types of footwear to give a fit and performance that you never thought possible. footwear modification is an art which is only practiced by a limited number of specialist workshops.

For sole modifications we can recommend a company who can carry out this type of adjustment to many different types of footwear, with so many complex sole units out there this is by far the easiest way to get good results.

If you have suffered a stroke or your arthritis reduces your coordination or dexterity then we can offer a range of fastening solutions from velcro & loop to elastic lock laces all of which help make footwear easier to use.

Spring plates and partial fillers can be added to shoes to increase performance for people with partial foot amputation enabling them to participate in sports to a higher level & generally make shoes more comfortable to wear.

We can stretch all types of footwear for bunions, hammer toes, bone spurs and other abnormalities.