Custom Orthotic Insoles

Everyday Orthotic Inserts

Custom products for all types of footwear

Our range of custom made orthotic insoles falls in to two categories. Firstly we have the semi rigid devices which we make in store. These are cast direct to your foot and are successful at dealing with 95% of the problems we see.  Within this range we have products for day to day shoes, sports shoes including running shoes, cycling shoes, golf shoes and hiking boots and a specific range or products for ski boots. Our custom products range in price from £75 up to £140 (ski products £95- £140). We aim to select the most appropriate product for your foot and to meet the needs of the footwear you are using. This may involve adding additional stabilizing elements to the product.

The second category of product we have are the specialist medical cast devices. These are produced in the USA at Northwest Podiatric Laboratories from a digital scanned image of the foot and cost between £250 and £325 depending on top surface choice and additions to the product.  These products are for the 2-3% or people with severe foot pathologies who would not get results from the semi rigid products produced in store. * please note these devices require two appointments and take 2-3 weeks to be produced and shipped from the USA  click here to see our full range of orthotic products.

Off the shelf product

We also have a range of off the shelf product, ideal for those with minor foot ailments or on a tight budget. We use several products from the superfeet range priced from £30-£55  to offer both full length and 3/4 length to suit all shoe types. 

How one of our suppliers began their journey

Superfeet founders Dennis and Chris designed the first pair of Superfeet based on the principles of podiatric medicine. The distinct shape was crafted to work in harmony with the foot in motion. For over 35 years, we've stayed true to making the best insoles on the planet. And we're just getting started.

Assessment & in house lab

Assessment of the foot and the footwear being used determines the most appropriate product. Our in house orthotics lab then allows us to produce most product while you wait