Ski Boot Fitting

60+ years combined experience 

We offer a complete ski boot fitting service at our clinic in Bicester. We work by appointment only so you have our undivided attention. 

We have over 60 years combined experience in fitting boots for all levels of skier from novice to professional athlete and have refined our process to deliver the best experience for our clients.

  1. An in-depth assessment of your feet and biomechanics
  2. Select the correct boot for your foot shape and skiing ability
  3. Build appropriate custom orthotic insoles
  4. Custom heat mould liner and/or shell where appropriate
  5. Set up the cuff, flex and forward lean of the boots
  6. If required, adjust the shape of the boot to give you the very best comfort and performance.
  7. Go Skiing!  If we need to make further adjustments we can. (its free for up to 2 years from purchase.)

We have the most extensive workshop in the UK so we have all the tools and materials required to cut, grind, stretch, align, adjust and generally fit boots to help improve comfort, reduce fatigue and increase performance.

Our experience of ski boot fitting has lead to us working with various professional skiers and teams including several BASI trainers & instructors the Scottish Alpine ski team, the England Alpine ski Team, members of the GB Alpine Ski Team, and Other  International athletes.

Skiing is one sport where every participant will benefit from an orthotic foot support of some type. 

We carry a large range of off the shelf and custom made footbeds & orthotic insoles designed specifically for skiing so you can be sure to get a product that works for you.  The Superfeet, Sidas, and Instaprint products that we use allow us to have a product suitable for the many different foot types that we encounter every day.  We believe that there is no single solution for every foot type, hence the large number of custom products from different brands that we offer. Click Here to find out more about Orthotic insoles.

Custom liners are another way to improve both comfort and performance, at Solutions 4 Feet we carry a wide range to assist with all sorts of different fitting issues Click Here for more info.