Thinking outside the running shoe box (part 2)

Posted on July 16, 2015
Archive : July 2015
Category : Running & Fitness

Shape… that thing we touched on in the first part of this whole running shoe thing, that thing that most runners ignore because they are educated to ignore it by many shoe brands, magazines and shop staff, that thing that if we took a moment to think about we would understand could save us from the injuries that over 70% of runners will suffer at some point in their running careers, that very same thing that can improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and make you a more competitive athlete, allowing you to run further for longer with less effort.

So how do we introduce shape into a running shoe? Very simply is the answer, if you take the stock insole out of your shoe you can see its inherent lack of shape, sure there may be a little bit of contour for the arch, but press on it and see how easily it deforms, this simple unsupportive contour is what most people see as shape, but we need to take a look at what would happen when you put your body weight through it…will it support you? NO! Is the simple answer…. We need to rid the shoe of this non supportive pseudo shape that the shoe company have supplied and replace it with a supportive insole with substance.  What do these products do to help? 

When we introduce shape under the foot it needs to support in the correct places, if we jam a pillar under the arch then it is a bit like standing on a golf ball, uncomfortable and by doing this we still allow the foot to pronate, (as the pronation starts in the rearfoot) if a product work by putting this pillar under the arch, people try them and then assume they don’t work as they don’t like the feeling of “standing on a golf ball”.... If you get the right product then they are a very effective way of improving fit, comfort and performance… moving this support back a little we can support the rearfoot, and add some fill to the arch cavity, this is exactly how the Superfeet products work. 

Bringing shape to the bottom of the foot ensures that the muscles do not have to do as much work, the foot is guided through the stride yet allowed to flex naturally. If we don’t give this support and guidance then the foot will pronate inside the shoe until it runs out of range of motion, hits the bottom of the shoe or is off the ground….. For over 18 years now I have worked with the Superfeet family of insole products, for runners, hikers, bikers, golfers, skiers and people with sore feet, Superfeet's understanding of shape is key to the success of their products and the comfort and performance of the clients I deal with on a day to day basis.So why not give your feet a fighting chance, call us on 01869 244424 to talk about the best Superfeet product for your feet and your sport.