Lifter plates

For race boots we offer differing thicknesses of lifter plate (different brands offer different thicknesses) These are used for protection of the solid sole and to increase the leverage which can be applied to the ski. 
The price includes a set of lifters, fitted to a NEW race boot and the boot toe and heel lugs milled back to ISO norms. 
Should the boot have been used prior to plating there may be an additional charge to return the sole to flat prior to the plates being installed, it should be noted that sometimes this is simply not possible to do if there is wear to the boot sole.

We will only fit lifters onto boots when they can remain legal under FIS height regulations. For instructors who want a thicker lifter than would keep the boots
within regulations, we can do this, but then we will mark the boots as -not FIS legal-  

If boots have been plated in the past and there is no damage to the body of the shell, the cost to replace a set of plates is £45