Ski Mojo


The original aim behind ski~mojo was simply to stop your legs getting tired when skiing. What was ended up with is a piece of ski equipment thatnot onlyhelpsskiers who find themselves out of breath, suffering thigh-burnor suffering throughgeneral lack of fitness to get the most out of their time skiing, but also helps thosewith a variety of knee, back and leg issues to get back on the slopes.

Another unexpectedbenefit that came with the ski~mojo wasthe way that itencourages you into the correct skiing position,helping toimprove your skiing technique and preventing skiing injuries.


the device has now made a significant number of improvements to the ski~mojo:

  • Smaller, more inconspicuous and over 33% lighter
  • Slimmer and more comfortable
  • No tools necessary in order to fit
  • More universal fit
two version of this product are available dependant on user weight, Gold and Silver, please contact us to discuss your requirements