Summer Storage

Storing your boots for summer

The season may well be over an your boots are not going to get another outing until next year. So before heading off to the beach, now is the time to prepare them for storage.

  • Follow the drying and cleaning instructions in general boot care
  • Check the sole pads for wear and order replacements if needed. 
  • Check all nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Insert something into the top of the boots (rolled up sock, tennis ball, drier ball etc) to keep the shape of the upper cuff (and stop anything crawling inside).
  • Store your boots in a temperature stable place  like a spare bedroom, cupboard under the stairs etc
  • Avoid the loft (gets too hot) the shed or garage (damp and full of crawling things)

Getting Ready for winter again

Try your boots on in plenty of time before your first skiing trip using the appropriate socks that you plan to use on your skiing trip. Ideally try to go for a few runs at an indoor ski centre or dry ski slope to check your boots still feel good. Your feet may have changed over the summer. Allow a little time for your feet to get used to boots again but get in touch if you have any major problems.