Care & Prepare

Being prepared for skiing and maintaining your equipment is key to your comfort and the success of your trip.  You have invested in your boots, and we want you to get the very best results and life from them.

Your boots explained

Your Boots Explained

All the features of your boots were explained to you at the time of purchase; however, we don’t expect you to remember everything, including how each setting adjusts and what’s in the box.  Find out more...

Fit for skiing

Fit For Skiing

Whilst to most people skiing is a holiday, it is in fact a sport which requires a level of flexibility & fitness to be enjoyed to the full.  Discover one area of flexibility which causes the most problems and is hardest to fix.  Find out more...

General boot care

General Boot Care

Looking after your boots properly,  putting them on,  adjusting them correctly, drying them out and caring for them is important in order to get the best comfort, performance and life from them.  Find out more...

Summer storage

Summer Storage

So, the season is over, and you won’t be using your boots until next year, what is the best way  to store them for the summer?  What you do to them  now will influence how they feel next time you ski.  Find out more...

Why choose us?



Over 60 years combined experience of custom ski boot fitting, kept up to date with regular training

Dedicated appointment


You have our undivided attention to meet your skiing goals and biomechanical needs.



We will only sell you the right boot for your needs even if this means we don't sell you anything

Extensive Range

Extensive range

With over 60 models, our carefully crafted range has something to meet your needs.