Biomechanical Assessment

Unique in the UK to Solutions 4 Feet, our Biomechanical assessment involves a ROM (range of motion) test of the major joints of the foot & ankle, an assessment of your current footwear, video analysis and and where deemed necessary  a plantar pressure mapping using an electronic pressure plate  which will show areas of high pressure on the soles of your feet.This information is collated to assist in the selection of suitable footwear, modifications & orthotic inserts

To get the very best results from your biomechanical assessment we use Motion Quest professional this high tech software assists us with your analysis, collates the results and offers a report containing a personalised strengthening and stretching program, an overview of your assessment and an orthotic & shoe recommendation.  

The Motion Quest software makes it easy for you to understand why things are happening with your biomechanics, the clear screen shots and graphic descriptions show clearly muscle weaknesses and imbalance.  

Key areas of the lower extremity are assessed as individual components of the gait cycle, this way we are able to work on specific causes of injuries and their possible causes.  

The workout module of the software gives a personalised core program to help you build strength in weak muscles and stretch tight ones, each exercise is clearly described and has a graphic image to show you what to do.  

The shoe database is updated every 6 months and contains several thousand shoes from all the major manufacturers. All recommended shoes are given a ranking from optimum to poor, so there is no need ever to run in the wrong shoe again.