Ski long beyond your expectations

Serious injury or having a muscle weakness is no reason to stop skiing, Ski~Mojo is the possible solution. The Mojo is a supportive brace which helps take up to 30% of the load off your knees as you ski. It is not specifically designed to protect the knee from rotational forces but it can be used in conjunction with your regular knee brace if you have a more serious weakness or instability.

Check out this test of the Ski~Mojo

Celebrity ski instructor Darren Turner tries out the ski~mojo for the first time and reviews it from the ski resort of Les Deux Alpes, France.

Buying Ski~Mojo

When we sell a Ski~Mojo we don't just sell you the product, we book you in for a 30 minute appointment where we fit the product to your boots and set everything up for you. Ski~Mojo comes in three spring tensions, (all adjustable within a range) so when you call or e mail to book please have your body weight handy (KG is easiest), remember you will be wearing ski kit so don't worry too much about it being exact to the gram. It is also useful to know what ski boots you have as the device is fixed to them and some boots require a slightly more complex set up. We only hold a few of each spring tension in stock and when we take a booking a product will be allocated to you so we are guaranteed to have the correct product available for you.