Helmets & Goggles

Fit is crucial

Just like your ski boots your helmet and goggles need to fit you. Matching the head and face shape contributes to comfort and safety. At Solutions 4 Feet we have selected a small range of helmets and goggles to cover a few different fits.

Safety first

Your helmet needs to be replaced If...

  • It is more than 5 years old
  • You have had a fall resulting in concussion or being knocked unconscious
  • There is any visible damage either externally or internally
  • It does't fit you securely 

Here is a picture of a helmet that had been used for 1 run and a person had fallen at zero miles per hour. Other than being in two parts there doesn't appear to be too much damage but let's take a closer look.

Only when you start picking at the inner material do you see the size of the hole. Remember you couldn't see any of this damage if you didn't remove the inner lining or the outer shell.

The full extent of the damage to the helmet, a great example of why you need to check your equipment regularly especially after a fall of any sort.