Training and Development

Solutions 4 Feet is a Superfeet Centre of Excellence and an Anatom Academy approved training facility.  we regularily hold courses in our clinic, training retail staff in footwear fitting techniques and biomechanics. if you are a member of staff from an outdoor , running or ski retailer reading this then contact us for further information on the next courses available to suit your specialty. 

At Solutions 4 Feet we want to stay one step ahead with technology, to do this we attend a series of courses for professional develpoment these are either in the UK or the USA and are presented by world authorities in the subject matters being taught.  Every day is a school day and if we ever have all the answers we will give up and find another industry to work in.

At Solutions 4 Feet we will:

  • Treat our clients with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • Ensure that we offer you an appointment at a time to suit you, with the minimum of delay.
  • Explain the basis of all costs fully prior to any consultation.
  • Offer a high level of service at a fair price.
  • Ensure that all our equipment is clean and in perfect working order.
  • Carry out all work within the time specified and at the cost quoted.
  • Offer a money back guarantee on all our Superfeet orthotic footbeds for a period of 60 days.
  • Refer to another medical professional any situation that is out with our scope of practice.