Q. What is a Certified Pedorthist?

A. A Certified Pedorthist is a specialist in using footwear which includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses and socks to increase comfort & performance for healthy individuals and to solve problems in, or related to the foot and ankle in people suffering from disease, or injury.

Q. What role does a Pedorthist play in my foot care?

A. When a doctor sees you with regard to a foot problem, they often refer you to a specialist. Depending on the problem the doctor may refer you to a Pedorthist. The Pedorthist is a specialist in footwear fitting and modification; they have a vast understanding of the properties of various types of footwear, & know to what level modifications can be carried out to best achieve the goals set out by the doctor.

Q. Can a Pedorthist diagnose my foot problem?

A. No, a pedorthist is trained to recognise many foot problems, but will refer you to a specialist should you require a prescription. A Pedorthist is able to dispense orthotics and modifications prescribed by a doctor or other precsriber.

Q. Can I only see a Pedorthist if I have been referred by a doctor?

A. No. If you do not have problems with your feet that require the attention of the doctor then a Pedorthist is a good option for high quality footwear fitting and modification for comfort and performance.

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